I've locked myself in the shed! I dropped the key into a crack, and this shed has way more floors than anyone would consider reasonable. And it has monsters, which is also unreasonable. I really just want to go back inside and watch TV.

This is a card-based roguelike where you want to advance into the shed as far as you can. Used the number keys to select the card you want to play, but be careful! Every card has a cost. The card Advance |2|  will make you advance a step (and kill everything in your path,) but you'll discard two cards from the top of your hand.

If you press Space you can skip a turn and draw three cards (if your hand isn't full,) but stay in one place too long and the enemies will get the jump on you. Their movement strategies are randomized every time you start a new game, as are their attacks. In addition to taking damage, you might be forced to draw a useless card or discard a card of your own. Be careful!

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